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Two Way Radios

With over thirty five years of experience in radio communications Lincs Radio will provide you with the expertise to design, plan and install your radio communication system. If you already have radios we can provide the repair, service and installation facilities necessary to maintain your system in full working order.

We supply a comprehensive range of licence free and professional two way radio equipment and accessories, ideal for taxis, security personnel, construction sites, factories, schools, shops, leisure centres and personal use.

We also supply low-cost base station and repeater radio units that can be used to improve communications over a wider area.

Our radio products are from leading manufacturers, including Hytera, Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, Caltta and Entel. 

Two way radio offers an ideal, cost effective alternative for on site communication. There are no call charges or contracts, so your team can use them all day everyday, without having to worry about call costs. In addition, today's radios are small, lightweight, easy-to-use and extremely robust, they will last for years, proving an excellent investment for your business.

Radio - The greatest undiscovered business tool!

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