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Wide Area National & International POC Radio System

It looks like a hand portable two way radio, you use it like a two way radio, but it's not a two way radio.

Push-To-Talk Over Cellular has been around for several years but now there's a professional handset from a UK company with a proven track record in the radio communications manufacturing and design industry. 

With the Entel DN495 you have a channel switch on the top to select which group of people you want to talk to and a menu button on the front if you want to select an individual you need to talk privately with. There's a press to talk button on the side and even an aerial but inside there's a roaming SIM card that allows it to use whichever mobile phone network is best. If the network coverage of one mobile phone operator disapears it automatically logs onto another network, unlike a mobile phone which can only register with the network you are contracted to.

With the built in GPS module, emergency button and some additional monitoring software your loan worker problems are solved and with a fixed monthly cost there are no hidden extras. 

The handset is IP68 rated so working out in the rain is not a problem, and with the high capacity 2000mA Lithium-Ion battery a full days work is not a problem either. 

Radio use


DN495 charging


DN495 Brochure.pdf

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A full range of accessories are available including lapel speaker microphones, covert headsets, noise cancelling headsts, bank chargers and much more.

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