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Hytera BD505 DMR Portable


Hytera BD505 Entry Level DMR Portable

Digital & analogue dual modes
BD505 can support both analogue and digital modes on the same hardware. It can quickly switch between the two operation modes.

Analogue & digital auto-detect
BD505 radios can detect the signal type when receiving a call and automatically switch between the two operating modes; digital and analogue.

Extended coverage
Hytera’s innovative technology allows extended coverage for radio users.

Long battery life
Based on TDMA technology, BD5 series in digital mode can work up to 16 hours @1500mAh or 22 hours@2000mAh in 5-5-90 mode.

Clear audio
DMR digital technology provides excellent audio quality enabling clearer and reliable communications.

Reliable and durable
BD505are compliant with MIL-STD-810 G and IP54 certifications.

Adopted digital encoding and error correcting module, BD5 series has the ability to avoid signal interference on the same frequency.

DMR signalling
With DMR signaling, transmitting group call, private call and all call with Pn ID enables ease of use.

Repeater mode operation
Utilising a DMR ner II repeater extends the communication range.

Channel announcement
Channel number announcement allows switching of channels quickly and correctly even in adverse conditions.

Dual capacity direct mode
In direct mode, you can have two voice calls simultaneously from DMR two time slots. This feature can be used to increase the radio capacity at no extra costs or frequency license.

This feature allows you to activate the radio microphone via your voices volume, and frees your hand from PTT.

Allows the BD5 series to listen to communication activities on other channels.



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