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Smart Dispatch


Smart dispatch allows you to remote control your radio system from anywhere there's an i.p. connection. You can talk with radios, send and receive text messages, locate them if they have GPS built in, record all voice traffic and even link seperate sites or channels together to allow groups and individuals to talk wherever their radio system is.

With easy to understand grapics you can easily see which radios are available and if they have GPS fitted not only know where they are but have a record of their journey. With the ability to select whether you want to talk with a group of radios or an individual one you have the flexibility to decide who needs to hear your conversation. You can interogate radios to make sure they are on line, check their location if fitted with GPS, disable them if being missused and then reacivate them all at the click of a mouse. 

In an emergency if they have GPS, the system will alarm and display their location on either Google or Open Street maps which come as standard with the software, if they don't have GPS the system will still alarm just not show their location.


■ Radio Registration Services (Online/Offine)
■ GPS Monitoring
■ GPS History Track
■ Call Control (All Call, Group Call & Private Call)
■ Voice Record
■ Text Messaging
■ Radio Disable & Enable
■ Emergency Call Alarm
■ Geofence Alarm
■ Calls/Data Reports
■ SIP Calls
■ E -Mail Messaging & Report via E-Mail
■ User Accounts Management
■ Telemetry
■ Voice Encryption
■ Timed Messages
■ Low Speed & Overspeed Alarms
■ Quick GPS
■ Google Online Map
■ Group Mute
■ Centralised Lone Worker (New)
■ Accessible Audio Playback (New)
■ GPS with RSSI (New)
■ Calls with Dispatcher ID (New)
■ Send Messages to Other Dispatchers (New)

All specifications are subject to
change without notice due to
continuous development.


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