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Caltta PH660 DMR Portable


The PH660 offers a large 1.74" colour display on top of the other impressive features such as built in bluetooth and GPS for man down operations


● Digital & Analogue

● IP68 Water & Dust Protection

● 2600mAh Li-ion Battery

● Emergency button

● Lone Worker

● Man Down


● Bluetooth

● Vibrate Alert

● Real Time Clock

● On Board Voice Recording *chargeable license key

● Standard encryption - 256 bit AES encryption via chargeable license key

● 1.74” Colour display

● Pre-defined or free dial text - Radio model dependant

● Max/Min Volume configured via CPS

● One Touch Call to enter the specified menu:

● Control Services - stun, revive, alert call etc

● Radio Alias: Sending and receiving

● Voice with GPS: GPS information is embedded in the voice complying with

standard protocol.

● Analogue Howl Suppression: Support handling of disturbance to audio signal and

noise cancellation to improve voice quality on an analogue channel

PH600-660 DMR Digital Radio_20210811.pdf

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